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“Issues and challenges in life are not a coincidence, it is a matter of karma”

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul

“To want is to be human. To know what you want is divinity.”

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul

“Karma is a continuation not a justice system”

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul

Добро пожаловать на Шива Ретрит

The Shiva Retreat is a soul enriching experience for people who no longer want to remain victim of difficulties and want to embark on a fresh journey to explore true reality. This Retreat will empower you with age old techniques and methods of manifesting, cleansing and instant awakening.

The Shiva Retreat is an enchanting journey for seekers wanting to know ancient secrets and mysteries behind origin of meditation, mantras, stotras that will open gateway for the upliftment of your spirit as well as lead you to your ultimate spirit journey.

место встречи


Shiva Retreat is scheduled to happen from 15th July 2019 in Dharamshala at the edge of Himalayan Range of India at Indraprastha Spa Resort.This city is home to His Holiness Dalai Lama. There are direct flights from Delhi to Dharamshala. Please write to [email protected] if you need assistance to book tickets.

Benefits of Shiva Retreat


  • Lead a Fresh Life : Attain emotional stability through deep processes for Emotional Detox, Physical & Mental Deep Emotional Cleansing
  • Make Victory your habit: Develop stronger bond with partner, family and friends and break negative repeated patterns of failure
  • Strike a Balance: Attain mental peace and live life with a sense of purpose and alignment
  • Become Financially Free : Learn the fail safe system to become financially stronger and independent through proven wealth creation techniques.

О ретрите

Направляющая медитация (слушать бесплатно)

Listen to the meditation guided by Karma Guru during Previous Shiva Retreat. Click on play button and fill in the details for guided bliss.

Истории трансформаций

Успех в карьере, общее благополучие

Я буду вечно признательна этой организации, на которую я наткнулась, когда была полностью эмоционально..

Исцелила боль в теле сына

Магия исцеления Карма-Йоги от Карма Гуру! Впервые испытал всю мощь этой техники…

Исцелил высокий уровень холестерина и стресс

За неделю до посещения 3-дневного курса 1 уровня я проверил свой уровень холестерина…

Исцелил семейную карму и личные проблемы

Мне невероятно повезло встретить Карма Гуру Суманта Каула и Сумита Каула, которые дают...

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