The Experience

“My experience at Shiva Retreat was ultimately unique. I decided to go there because a voice inside me got activated, I drew a red line to everything around that I made sure nothing will stop me from going there.

We practiced many different activities, rituals, chanting, and meditations. Such as Prabhat Pheri and Yajnas. Waking up at 3:30 in the morning and gathering with students from all around the world is not anyone’s routine or habit, but doing it so with Karma Guru Mr. Sumant Kaul, chanting universal mantras with long walks around the resort perimeter, then coming back to the resort and starting the Yanjas ritual of fire with several hours of mantras meditation, creates a blissful feeling with appreciation and gratitude.

The energy Mr. Sumant allowed us to create and the vortex of empowerment that I felt from doing the steps from early morning till the end of the day with long hour of deep meditations is something every human soul should do, because it will make you find home. I am not talking about your physical home where you live with your family, but your original home, The Oneness.”

– by Faisal Baraoudi

Genetic Reprogramming

One of the most unique meditations we did at the Shiva retreat which took me to another dimension was the Genetic reprogramming meditation.

Having studied genetics at University and being super passionate about it this one connected with me the most. And while science has a way to make it sound complex, changing our DNA is the easiest thing to do. And that’s precisely what this meditation did.

The hydrogen bond (which is what binds the 2 strands of genetic material and is the building block of our DNA) is chemically the easiest bond to break. And by easiest- it means it requires the least amount of energy.

What we did in this meditation was to reprogram certain programs and beliefs that come in our way of achieving the highest and best in our life. And these programs are all encoded at the DNA level.

Our beliefs of not being good enough, of not deserving the best, of feeling the need to constantly “fit in”- all these were re-programmed and after the meditation I felt like a different person. The belief of not having enough time, of having too much to do and too little time- this program was changed as well. The program of ‘lack of time’ plays a huge role in each individuals life, which is a huge source of anxiety and stress. We always feel we have not enough time to do everything we want to do.

I felt completely at ease after this meditation, I forgot everything that was bothering me before I went into this meditation I was thoughtless, and that is such a beautiful feeling! I had the realisation that in my life, problems are created only because of the wrong beliefs I have. And once that’s re-programmed- well everything is super!

The Experience

This retreat is for those who are ready to empower themselves with the highest state of awareness and a realization of all lifetimes. Once you know who you are, all your karma will burn in the fire of truth, liberating you from all suffering.

Everything in the world has consciousness. From mountains, to lakes, to plants, animals and humans – everything operates on consciousness mechanism. That is, the state of being conscious or aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings.

And in this state of consciousness, we live with problems and struggles and suffering. The problem lies in existence. It is when we elevate our level of consciousness to something called ‘Shiva’ – the Supreme Pure Consciousness state of non-existence – our problems, struggles and suffering ceases to exist. Shiva is a blank slate that can only be experienced.

While there are many techniques in the world that can make us realize this state of Shiva, there is only one true path to pure awareness. That is the path of Guru Yoga, wherein the student considers the primary teacher the embodiment of Shiva and then the teacher blesses the student with the right technique to alleviate his or her suffering. Only a Karma Guru has solutions to all your sufferings and has the greatest power to liberate you from the illusion of the suffering on earth. No techniques, mantras or knowledge can take you to realize your highest self without the blessings of your Guru, who knows different ways to burn your negative karma and eradicate ancestral defects (Pitru Dosha). This path makes the techniques legitimate. Taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul in its truest, purest form, one is able to experience the state of Shiva far sooner than if attempting to use any other technique. Otherwise with the dense energy of this earth, as we have seen historically, all other techniques have failed.

This is the game of Shiva. And the secret is to simply surrender your mind with devotion and dedication to your primary teacher. A Karma Guru is the true teacher and mentor we all seek. A teacher of karma is the only teacher in the world who can teach you to change the original karma you were born with.

We are all part of the same fabric. Everything in this universe has an axis. Even electrons have a nucleus as their axis. The one who realizes their Shiva ‘true self’ becomes an axis, or the central observer, controlling the entire game. Therefore, when you make the realized one your central axis, every being comes to the path of realizing oneself. It is very important for the actor to be friends with the director.

Adiyogi Shiva [Adi means first] was the first prophet on earth.

His presence is still a mystery. Some believe he was an angel and call him a synonym of Archangel Gabriel who revealed the divine knowledge of the Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Other confuse him with ‘Shiva’, the Supreme Pure Consciousness, or Allah, or Christ consciousness, or Bhagwan or Ishwar as referred to by Hindus, simply because he was the first one to talk about it.

The purest eternal energy flows when one has realized the true self. One taps into bliss just as Jesus Christ, Buddha and Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) did. Christ consciousness is not about Jesus of Nazareth, the person. Because the person was one of the greatest prophets who brought the knowledge of highest consciousness to humanity 2,500 years ago. Similarly, Adiyogi Shiva brought the same knowledge of Shiva consciousness and since the knowledge dates as far back as 60,000 years ago, people in India began referring to Adiyogi (the first yogi) as Shiva. Just the way people referred to Jesus of Nazareth as Christ. Jesus is called the son of God even though he was actually a prophet.

Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) were all Karma Yogi masters who realized Allah, Christ consciousness and Shiva consciousness, which is all one and the same. However, people confused Allah, Christ consciousness and Shiva consciousness with the messengers who brought them this knowledge.

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul will lead you back to self-realization and take you on the ultimate journey back to the source – a journey to discover who you really are – with the world’s most powerful techniques to transform your life and manifest a wonderful future. Revealed by Karma Guru, the ancient secret 60,000-year-old Science of Consciousness and KarmaYoga Healing™ technique empowers us to heal the root cause of all karma. As our souls yearn for enlightenment, Karma Guru teaches and awakens this unknown awareness in ourselves that has been concealed for centuries and lifetimes.

Join Karma Guru for a life-changing experience at the first ever Shiva Retreat so that you can realize the true self in this lifetime as a Karma Yogi and be a part of the greatest mindful revolution in history.

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